BIONICLE is a popular toy brand made by LEGO. It's main focus is Mata Nui Once a powerful 5000.ft high gaint robot, put to sleep by his jealous brother, Makuta.

2001 The coming of the Toa!Lewa of air,Tahu of Fire,Gali of Water,Kopaka of Ice,Onua of earth,and Pohatu of stone

2003 Toa of light!
Toa Nuva

2003:the toa nuva

2004 Legends of metru-nui
Toa Metru

the toa metru

2005 The visorak horde

2005: the toa hordika

2006 The mask of life
Toa Inika

the toa inika

2007 Into the deep

2007:the toa mahri

2008 The core of the universe

the phantoka


the mistika

2009 A new world

the glatorian

2010 The end of Bionicle
Bionicle stars

the bionicle stars